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Postal Worker Sublimation PNG Design | Post Office | Proverbs 31:13 | Hand Drawn Digital Download | Printable Art | USPS | Mail Carrier AliciaRayArt. Become a member today ». It is up to those artists and the gallery staff to determine the price, taxes, shipping and communication from that point with the collector. Sep 2, 2020 - The way mail was carried, once upon a time... See more ideas about mailman, going postal, vintage. Size limitations for the project are simply what the USPS can ship. Please consider supporting our journalism, and help keep our independent reporting free and accessible to all. The Art is in the Mail. The USPS Art Project is a mail art artist collaboration project created by Christina Massey in April of 2020 as a way for artists to feel connected while practicing social distancing and supporting the USPS by sending and receiving packages. Each exhibition venue has slightly different requirements for artwork sizes. Posted on September 7, 2012 by Clare. How to make mail art tubes. The project has turned into several exhibition opportunities, a hybrid traveling exhibition / thematic exhibition that has been shown in venues around the country. The USPS Mail Art Fundraiser, organized by Jason Evans, filmmaker and founder of online arts archive This Long Century, features unique works by … Selecting or creating relevant stamps for your piece adds a unique quality to the work that a traditional painting or drawing doesn’t possess. The very real and dire threat to our democracy has galvanized many concerned Americans to take action to help the struggling institution, from buying stamps to signing petitions. The project is … That fact was the inspiration for the USPS Art Project, a mail-art initiative launched in April by Brooklyn-based artist Christina Massey. Each museum-quality united states postal service framed print may be customized with hundreds of different frame and mat options. Here are some helpful links: To print shipping labels from home, please go here:,, Artists complete the artworks sent to them. More by Valentina Di Liscia. AMPlified Mail provides responses and ROI reporting, in addition to tracking your mail through USPS for delivery timing to targeted customers. One of the first stops for envelopes in the US is the sorting … For the circumference, wrap a piece of string or paper around the tube and add about half an inch. Also available: mailing list rental, APIs, and free tutorials. The maximum weight for a Share Mail letter is 1 ounce, including its envelope. The simplest definition of mail art is that it is any art that’s created with the intention of sending it through the mail. The art world is also stepping in to do its part, with more than 60 artists donating one-off works to a fundraising raffle benefiting the postal service. The USPS Art Project advises everyone to be vigilant with the safety of their own health and others  and extraordinarily careful when participating in this project to protect not only themselves, but the mail carriers and their collaborating partners. Order stamps, shipping supplies, and unique items only available from the United States Postal Service. The goal is for unique collaborative artworks to be created, allowing the artists to establish deeper connections by working together, and in doing so supporting the USPS through the act of purchasing postage for shipping artwork to co-artists and galleries. To enter, participants must buy an $11 book of stamps from the USPS website and email the receipt to Can I donate to them? As the Trump administration continues to attack the United States Postal Service, 60 artists are joining together to support the struggling institution. If there is an inquiry directed to the USPS Art Project about the possibility of a sale of artwork, the collector will be directed to the participating artists and galleries to orchestrate the sale. Check out our collection of USPS ® toy Jeeps, cars, and trucks.. Shop Now Holiday Toys Gifts Results Banner The project is financed by a crowdfunding campaign set up by the founder on GoFundMe that allows participating artists to contribute towards the mailing expenses incurred between galleries as well as cover the return shipping of their artworks. Please make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines of each venue’s submission form. Concepte i història. The New York-based nonprofit Printed Matter is using the USPS as a means to engage with the public via an open call for mail art submissions. Originally from Argentina, she studied at the University of Chicago and is currently working on her MA at Hunter College, where she received the... These are non-juried exhibitions; artworks are accepted on a rolling submission basis until capacity is reached at each respective exhibition space. However, you can make a fun variation of mail art by placing stamps in unconventional spots. The USPS Mail Art Fundraiser, organized by Jason Evans, filmmaker and founder of online arts archive This Long Century, features unique works by Dike Blair, Liz Deschenes, Patricia Treib, Nicolas Party, and many other contemporary names. “I wanted to do something similar for the US Postal Service, which is at the center of a political battle right now and in dire need of support,” he said. A while ago, I shared some tips on shipping at through the mail safely and securely: How to Ship and Package Artwork Safely Using these tips will ensure the package is as low in dimensions and weight as possible. Wrap it around tight, and adhere the other end with double-stick … Create a trademark symbol) account to print shipping labels, request a Carrier Pickup, buy stamps, shop, plus much more. Priority Mail ® 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00. “The US Postal Service is not only vital for mail-in voting, but remains essential for many elderly and disabled people, indigenous and rural communities, and incarcerated peoples.”. Follow all CDC health guidelines when shipping and receiving packages. The current dates and locations are as follows: Exhibition Dates: November 23, 2020 - January 17, 2021, You can also tune into the Facebook live of the event, as Zoom will have limited capacity*, Exhibition Dates: August 1st - 31st, 2020, New Haven, CT 06510Exhibition Dates: Sept 24 - Nov 15th, 2020. Founded in 2009, Hyperallergic is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Artworks will be returned to the designated Artist of the collaboration at the end of the exhibitions. How Does this help the USPS? How to incorporate the recipient’s address into your creative composition is also to be considered. Winners will be drawn on September 8 and receive a one-of-a-kind artwork by mail, created especially for the raffle.

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