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Whether an electric tool with a motor that will wear out with moderate use long before the case gives up the ghost is a good analogue to a firearm that can last decades with moderate use is up to you. You can lower the recoil by going to a lighter bullet (another trade off). I took it down to test fire, expecting about the same results as the other cheap nock-off… There are some comparisons out there between the Ati Omni and the NEF LW-15. 1) The place where the receiver extension (“buffer tube”) connects to the stock is 100% reliable. I have a laser, red dot sight, tactical four rail fore end, grip pod and heavy duty rail covers and it still comes in at around 7lbs. I bought a New Frontier Armory LW-15 stripped polymer lower and put in a mil-spec LPK. That stress test video was pretty convincing. Some people swear by the FAL (you can actually regulate from 1-10 how much gas you need) so think hard if your looking for a TRUE SHTF weapon. I’ve had zero problems with 3 ATI Omnis, 1 in .300 & 2 in .556 but then most problems with mechanical devices are created by poor maintenance and service. 80 percent lower receiver No FFL required and All machine work that has been done is within Mil-Spec specifications. Original springs and pins were kept. It is funny, if you go back to the story that started this discussion, the ATI Omni is one of the poly. The polymer lower; however, is a great improvement in terms of weight and durability. For people who scoff at polymer lowers, remember the the Bushmaster ACR and the combat PROVEN FN Scar 16/17 are both polymer lowers and predominantly polymer- the HK G36 is as well. Until carbon fiber gets to be more commonly used in the barrel and receiver there is not much you can do. I’ve heard of the buttstock breaking where the buffer tube goes in but have never seen it in a picture yet… Must of been chopping wood or multiple zombie skulls to do that. I had the NF’s pin at the buffer tube came out, but this can be fix. BTW I have seen tons of AR buffer tubes bent or broken in the miliary and only a few wooden stocks. Our foundation is built on … YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! NEF did have problems with their pins. they have the most unique lowers on the market. Put thanks again for your input. Also, available are a variety of finishes. I do not believe this is a indication that poly lowers are bad I think I just happen to get a bad one. I would certainly like to try that out. Just wouldn’t stake my life on one. These are tools that are designed to be used all day, outdoors and in, whether conditions are subzero or blazing summer sun. Admittedly, I’m still in the testing phase for this weapon. Sorry didn’t mean to be so long. Before tonight I would have sworn that the NF was marked 5.56, but I just visited their website and their lowers ARE marked multi. All came complete ready to pin on an upper and fire, with the ploy. I am satisfied with the purchase. Cast AR-15 lowers are made by simply heating and pouring molten aluminum into a shaped mold, similar to a polymer lower. Awesome piston-driven polymer lower AR. If it is a heavy contour barrel, then that will add some weight. The video of aluminum vs. polymer lowers when subjected to deflection testing is an obvious attempt to confuse people. You can remove the front sight block and slide it off the barrel then simply replace it with a railed gas block of the same diameter to which you can attach a front sight of your choosing. When I was in Vietnam with my infantry unit, we were climbing a hill and one of the guys in the point dislodged a boulder about the size of a fast pitch softball. @Randy I also have a Bushmaster Carbon 15 and have sent many rounds down range. Closed mindedness is fine, but you will be stuck in the past while the world moves forward. I want one. That was a light, balanced, easy to shoot and carry light infantry weapon. I’m not looking for a TEOTWAWKI / SHTF situation with something like this, it’s clearly intended to eliminate weight. Worth giving a shot, especially with a lifetime warranty!! Choose from a standard unfinished AR-15 lower receiver or a .308 kit. Polymer80, Inc. designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that provide ways for our customer to participate in the build process, while expressing their right to bear arms. Yep, that’s the only downside! Colt first recognized this in the 1960s, and produced a polymer version of the M16 which integrated the buffer tube and stock, along with the receiver in an attempt to address this shortcoming, but it never went in to full production as they already had the tooling set up to make Stoner's design in alloy. In-Store price may vary. You dont seem to understand it is the whole lower receiver, complete, including butt stock, ready to pin in and fire with an upper. I’d like to see honest testing of them at Ft Wainright AK in Feb. -50 degrees is a baer on everything. The specific details depend on the matter of construction of the part and the application. I am not affraid to say, VULCAN ARMS SUCKS AND WILL NOT EVER STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT!!! I’d buy 50! Somebody said they were wrong on the internet. As to craftsmanship most Garands wrre thrown together and otherthan bolts on 14’s they too were the sameYup the 03’s no different and further back oh well. , Jay said, “all have clearly stated “for use with the 5.56/223 caliber only!! Polymer80 Build-Your-Own Full Size PF940V2 Pistol Combo Sale! A friend who is a police officer and former marine armorer showed my how rushed and haphazard assembly can strip even aluminum upper( he fixed a friends DPMS lower by dremeling it out and inserting a threaded washer- you’d never know from the work he did, even though he advised our other friend to just go buy another stripped lower and cannibalize the trigger group from the damaged dpms lower). The aftermarket M16 lower receivers may come in many styles and flavors with manufacturers offering assembled lower receivers, stripped lowers, or 80% lower receivers. Milling Out a Tennessee Arms 80% Lower . All plastics/polymers are not the same! If you want light, get an M4 carbine profile or “pencil” profile barrel (most AR-15s these days have m4 profile barrels, so there’s probably not much weight savings you can make). Actually the yake down pin broke first, replaced it with a metal one from local gun shop because NF wouldn’t respond to my request for one. Bought a New Frontier LW-15 lower and after 1,800 rds, no problem with the lower , except for the FACT that the castle nut is not staked and will the buffer tube will wiggle loose- a little red loc tite and home staking with a $8.00 spring punch tool foxed the issue! The flame polishing allows for clear viewing of the internals. Price review E3 Arms Omega 15 Ar 15 Black Polymer Complete Lower Receiver And Full Auto Ar Lower Transferable You can order E3 Arms Omega 15 Ar 15 Black Polymer Well, a couple people would probably mirror that sentiment, but here at RECOIL, we aim to debunk any and all claims we can. Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver The Tennessee Arms Company, LLC TAC-9 receiver is the lightest When you study the AR lower closely, you’ll notice the only part of the component that could face any real stress is where the buffer tube screws in to the receiver. I just find it frustrating when people get stuck in the past and fear the changing world. Maybe its the balance of your AR and not the weight. I would consider using a polymer lower on my next AR build. A glock is, why would an AR with a polymer lower that operates the same and is ever bit as durable also not be a great gun for when SHTF? The trigger is very nice and crisp also. The only problem I have had, was with the Plumcrazy lower, the take-down pin broke in half, I replaced both pins with mil-spec alum. I guess the polymer lower’s aren’t idiot proof after all. ones and not had another problem yet. lower. Not so. Sure, Josh. ), some irrational (it’s NEW and I am afraid of NEW). If you want a polymer rifle buy a SCAR. eight Lowprice Polymer 80 Advantage Arms Full Auto Conversion And Polymer 80 Glock Lowe I think its pretty crappy to push a product on New AR owners because It’s cheaper. If you like the polymer lowers, get one. I have owned two of the LW-15 poly. A lower parts kit will not even fit in an 80% Lower until it has been machined into a complete firearm. The better makers reinforced that point (i.e. notice.style.display = "block"; if ( notice ) plum crazy). I have a DPMS pencil profile 5.56 upper pinned on an NEF polymer lower. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. However, in reality most people simply buy what they can afford. I made the ” mistake” of lubing and test firing my New Frontier complete lower mached at first to a BCM upper from one of my other AR carbines( it now has a low budget but satisfactory PSA mid length mated). FREE Shipping by Amazon. You will need to change the gas block to a low profile type or a gas block with a rail on the top to use a flip-up type sight. I replaced the buffer detent pin, applied loctite and then STAKED the plate into the castle nut- no more backing out, nothing “stripped”. Polymer AR Lower History. ATI Omni polymer lowers supposedly had serious flaws and failures- send those back as well. “You would be better off carving a lower out of balsa wood.”. Not near the buffer tube but on the right side. However, I am not satisfied with the wait time to ship my parts out. However, I have never tried one of the ATI stripped lowers, so I bought one, at a greatly inflated price due to the current run on anything AR!! Then my final question can does the gas tube connect to the front sight post? Upper fits tightly to lower with no wiggle at all. I don’t really like the stock that’s on it. They have all worked great!! })(120000); Leave the forums to people actually OWN a real gun, “I bought a New Frontier polymer lower and it failed exactly where you described, where the buffer tube threads into the lower, AND the takedown pin broke! I’ve got a Keltek SU-16C in .233/5.56 with a polymer receiver… it uses the AR-15 magazines, sites, muzzle brakes, and many other accessories in common with the AR-15. In fact, many customers buy one, then come in a week or two later and buy a few more because they love them so much. Our live inventory system means if you can add it to your cart, it's yours! I was expecting metal. I have owned a few Glock sidearms, which have always served without fail. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! Into avery lage group that even the 500 diff of off the shelf of alum turns them away. Saying that the up side to plastic rifles is long term storage would would be great. I am looking forward to CTDs evaluation. 1) Everything is a tradeoff. Review: Galil ACE GAR1651.308 7.61x51 Rifle - The Shooter's Log, American Tactical Introduces Omni Hybrid AR Lower - The Shooter's Log, ATI Introduces the Omni Hybrid Maxx Rifle - Cheaper Than Dirt, Trump Angers Gun Owners With Comments on 3D-Printed Firearms - RedTea News, Week-In-Review News Roundup: December 6-12, 2020, 3 Shooting Stance Options for Self-Defense. I have not had problems with ether currently but i do not have the confidence with the internals. All Orders are usually shipped next business day. When designing composite parts, one cannot simply compare properties of carbon fiber versus steel, aluminum, or plastic, since these materials are in general homogeneous (properties are the same at all points in the part), and have isotropic properties throughout (properties are the same along all axes). If it breaks, then I’m out a little over $35. Choose from a standard unfinished AR-15 lower receiver or a .308 kit. And the .5 lb wieght savings is insignificant. Marine Gun Polymer 80 Frames. No problems so far. I am sure when people started making these metal objects that fire projectiles, there were people who frowned on that and decided to keep using their spears and arrows. It would be fun to give them to a bunch of privates for a week and see the result. 30 rounds later I’m looking at two cracks running down both sides of the lower starting at the take-down pin going toward the back of the grip!!! It is stronger and lighter than a standard AR lower, and second only to my high-end tight tolerance unit. This means that nothing on the rifle suffers from the expansion and contraction due to heat and cold. Beat both up like they owe you money and see if they are still safe to shoot. Tomorrow, Oct 6. It was Dupont who changed the powder in the rounds to get rid of some excess. Much of this stemmed from the partial plastic construction. Just sent an envelope with part. They have been building these tools, tweaking the polymers, for more than three decades now. OK FOLKS HERE’S THE STRAIGHT OUT FACTS!!! turn a few over to a Ranger Bn for 6mo; also, eventually somebody should try a longer recoiling bolt-carrier, i mean by INCHES; that would greatly reduce recoil (esp in AR10/762 versions), & wear on parts; obviously great for ARs w/ the straight, fixed stock config. Shop today! Just that the testing is less than honest. Making the uppers and lowers out of some “polymer” will not increase the effectivness of the rifle. It depends on what you are going to use the rifle for. Don’t get me wrong, I have several Glocks and love them… but a plastic rifle lower receiver that is leveraged hard at the buttstock mounting point… I don’t think it’s a good idea. It isn’t a question of if it will break it is a question of when. Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! And like another poster said, why have a plastic rifle for practice and a metal rifle for “use”? At the risk of invoking some kind of “jealously response” from farmers out there that were never in the military (but secretly wished they had been – just for the bragging rights) I want to share my experience with you all. I personally wouldn’t mind getting one of these carbon lowers. We have FFL with SOT, before someone jumps to a wrong conclusion. S. They did mail new polymer one without responding. Some rationale (how will it hold up for me as a SHTF gun? Titanium is stronger and lighter than steel but not as hard so the stress the steel mounts were putting on the part made it fail. My personal opinion is that rifles issued to military troops (and anyone serious about defending themselves) should have stainless steel uppers and lowers. I have an ATI Omni polymer lower. I also know four other people who have poly. All of the functions are smooth and clean, there is no trigger creep at all. If you searching to check Ar 15 Polymer Lower Receiver Reviews And Ar Lower Receiver Full Auto Jig price. Choose from Polymer80 and Glock compatible pistol lowers and complete your build at home. They are not multi-caliber lowers.”. All uppers are assembled in house by a Marine Reservist Armorer, to your exact specifications. You might notice that it is becoming more difficult to find a modern duty pistol that isn’t made of 50 percent polymer. What a piece of junk!! That doesn’t really help your credibility. But since these are all that are available, ill stay with it. Added weight absorbs some of the recoil and that improves accuracy. Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver. There is a lot of apple and orange comparison going on here and that is not helpful. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. I’ll stick with forged aluminum, thank you. Just sent an envelope with part. Thats easily fixed by using a cheap sterl insert to take the direct stress away from the polymer. Give us a stainless rifle with a pencil barrel and we will love it! First off, there is a HUGE difference between companies. ); Since we weren’t there to witness how they actually failed, we won’t know if this was caused by normal use, or by someone mounting a .50 BMG upper on a polymer lower and whining about it breaking. Brands of these 80% lowers include Polymer 80, Noreen, US Tactical, United Defense, and more. You could put an AR15/M16 upper on a Nerf Gun lower if it will fit!!! I’m more than happy with it’s performance. ar-15 80% polymer lower receiver & jig kit. The front lugs appear to be a little thicker, and the area around the buffer tube neck where this lower might fail appear to be a little thicker. I have an AR57 upper on one and a 5.45 upper on the other one. As for me, I’m probably not likely to be one of the polymer AR’s customers… I’m quite happy with the SU-16C for that purpose, and I own two forged aluminum AR-15’s as well that I’m also quite happy with, and see no reason to buy or convert to a polymer AR. They died. Not saying a polymer lower will not fail before an aluminum one will( according to some industry insiders, a forved aluminum lower will fail before a billet lower will..) but I believe that mishandling causes more of the problems than product defect. Brian Keating, to suggest that an AR is technologically superior to an AK is tripe. By comparison, in a carbon fiber part the strength resides along the axis of the fibers, and thus fiber properties and orientation greatly impact mechanical properties. Put metal ones in and done deal. 3) There are companies, like Yankee Hill, that make gas blocks that incorporate a flip up front sight. My polymer lower comes in next week. First, a disclaimer: I don’t have a black rifle, although one is in my near future. My opinion of course. This lower BROKE RIGHT IN HALF AFTER MINIMAL USE!!! The lowers are in AR-15, AR-9, and LR-308/AR-10 platforms. But, for those with some patience, no fear of legal paperwork, and/or 30-40 grand burning a hole in their pocket, please don’t let this article dissuade you. If you connect this polymer lower to a COBB .50 upper to make your hybrid super rifle complete and expect it to work, you might not be smart enough to own a gun. I have an AR with a Vulcan polymer lower. It would be fun to give them to a bunch of privates for a week and see the result. function() { Both rifles have their own S&W M&P 15 lowers including Magpul colapsables which I like very much; however, I have used a NF lower with both of them and they both work just as well after a couple hundred rounds through each one. Spike’s Tactical SBR…almost as cool as full auto and about $35,000 cheaper. Also on a good note. Just decide for yourself what tradeoffs you’re willing to make. They make these lowers for several companies and make them for that companies personal specs. And, I still have a soft spot for those old forged steel and hardwood battle rifles. If polymer lower receivers are equivalent in durability to forged aluminum lower receivers then the concept and execution is precisely in line with Stoner’s ideas about how to equip our military with the best small arms available in terms of cost, weight, and durability. The rifle will also be front heavy and not balanced any longer (not that the A2’s 3s and 4s are balanced any more anyway) The only M16s that were balanced were the A1s with the pencil barrel. At first glance it looked good, but then I started putting it together. M-16 Lower Parts Kits are also available and can be purchased here. The steel of the slide would quickly wear out and break the polymer lower. I see no signs of wear from all the mags or in and out of my cases. A polymer lower AR would actually work best with the piston and recoil assembly are in the upper. If its a New Frontier lower I up you sent it back for replacement. Also I have 4 Plumbcrazy lowers one of which I SBRed. After fixing those issues, I finally pinned an upper on it and went to the range. I suppose I can see advantages to an actual AR-15 over the SU-16C. Very useful information. These things are a step above utter crap. Yep, that’s where one of the polymer’s failed (by the defunct Hesse) and right through the rear takedown pin hole (Of Course)-apparently, modification of the expensive custom injection mold wasn’t possible or affordable, so they put it up for sale. This would completely eliminate the need for wet lubricants making the M16 as reliable as the AK. Who said polymer couldn't be full auto fun in an AR? The rifle must work every time you need it, and under all circumstances. This is a simple fact of capitalism. HK91, G3, Trigger Pack, Fire Control Group, Box, Hammer, Sear, Semi Auto, Full, Plastic Lower, Steel Grip Frame, HK, PTR91, German Parts, Surplus, RTG Parts I was very dissatisfied. we will see what happens. This is a beautiful lower for display. Now that I have the replacement I have put about 700 rounds down range with zero FTF or FTE. I have discovered in the last 25 yrs of professional and civilian firearms use, that impatients, and inexperience create most of the problems. jii: Cheap and for profit? It seem so many people have been returning their lowers, that they wont even look at one unless you call them first and get a return authorization #, which I did, but some how they over looked!! Currently, most of the standard M16 lowers are machined from aluminum. We are offering this receiver as complete and populated only as the assembly process is slightly different with this lower compared to our standard lower receivers. I’ve carried my Glock for 7 years now with no issues. If you don’t like polymer or aluminum, just stick with the old wood and steel weapons. Made from 7075 T6 forgings and billet, CNC machined to tight Tolerances. AK is simpler in design and malfunctions less in heat and cold. Your trigger pack and selector should work with a full size MP5 housing. Most of us can’t or won’t spend the money to have both a plinker AR and a SHTF AR, and I’m one of those. I can’t say don’t buy one, I can just say I have had an issue and it was resolved quickly. When installing the butt stock the top of the threaded portion in the lower cracked. the reason I suggest the steel ring is that it would be easier to stake a steel ring, than to accommodate people over-torquing the buffer and stripping the threads. I paid $109 shipped and no tax. You can lighten the fore end by the one you may choose and the butt stocks come in many different styles that give you choices in terms of weight. Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! Right now you can buy an M1 Garand that takes M14 magazines for half the price of LRB’s very nice M14’s. I tried a Vulcan lower with a pistol caliber upper in .45 ACP and a collapsible carbine stock. Anational match M/14 far better with plastic polymer or glass plastic and doN’t forget wodden military stock had bad habit breaking, sometimes on just a skull. Find the highest quality 80 percent lower receivers, receiver jigs & receiver build kits for your AR-15 at the most competitive prices right here at RightToBear.com. Lower receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite with a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. Right now they are easier to come by then a lower parts kit, the triggers have no grind in them like most cheap parts kits, and being light and cheap made them perfect choices for my uppers. The complete lower receiver, using mil-spec parts, weighs in at 1.625 pounds with a standard buffer. I like technology and apparently Eugene Stoner did, too. If SHTF ill be grabbing that. P.S. The SU-16C seems to fill the role of a low-budget, light-weight trunk gun done quite effectively, and I see no reason why an AR-15 in those calibers or in pistol calibers wouldn’t work out just as well with a polymer receiver (I can imagine a polymer AR receiver would be a great match for a 9mm AR, for example). I personally don’t ever want to be in a situation and think to myself “will I break my rifle doing that?”. This way I could use either one and it wouldn’t be inconvenient to carry the heavier weapon. Hope it works better. #74 Reply to “Brown”. With the price of ALL firearms so high I would definately try it. Get notified when 9mm, .223 Rem., and Other Popular Calibers are in Stock & Ready to Ship. I would have to say, “it depends”. This Jig is intended for use by 07 FFL holders for legal manufacture of full auto machine guns. This is also a problem with the Armys new M-240L as in many critical area’s they used titanium to lighten the weapon. The M16 was great unless you had to buttstroke someone or in the situation just mentioned, a big rock shared the same time-space continuum. I have several polymer lower receivers. Enjoy FAST SHIPPING and SAVE at 80-lower.com today! You wont go full auto, the block is in the receiver. Plus, there isn’t a great difference between the two rifles, at least when I have carried them. It was cracked at the barrel nut on both sides. I added a Taccom 3G ULW complete upper and a Taccom 3G ULW butt stock. Shop today! The forged still works fine. Our 80% AR lower jigs and systems are ideal if you prefer to buy your 80 percent lower receiver separately or if you already have one. With a 42 round mag as fast as I can pull the trigger it works as well as my M&P. 2) The New Frontier Lower has a no-BS lifetime guarantee (always good) You wrote: “I can get aluminum cheaper!!!!! lights, laser sights, bayonet, etc. I will post more after torturing it with some range time and let everyone know what I found out. Putting the lower parts in is more challinging than I expected, the parts fit to tight and need to be dremmeled out a little, not a big deal if you like working on guns, which I do. It is one step below top notch. Anyway, after fixing that, went back to the range and the buffer tube stripped out the threads in the lower and got out of alignment and the BCG got jammed in the tube. How about doing some real life tests like drop testing in hot and cold weather. I’ll wait to see what happens more long term. Posted by Dave Roberts- TN Arms founder on 30th Apr 2019. I am torn. Our complete AR-15 lowers are just that, complete and ready to be installed. No problems whatsoever. A polymer will deflect much more than a metal because in an engineering sense, it will deflect much more than a metal will at an identical load. We have these lowers made from a variety of materials including forged aluminum, billet aluminum, and polymer. We have tested this receiver with every caliber in the AR platform from .22 long rifle to 50 Beowulf with no problems in performance or reliability. Whether or not the conditions and usage is close enough in your mind is up to you. I have many of the same reservations for rifle polymer lowers, even though I own a glock. There are probably other readers who have much more experience with your issue who can be more helpful. Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! Wait, that can’t be right. Maybe just mfg defect maybe poor design I don’t know. 80 Percent Builder is your premier source for high quality, high accuracy aftermarket polymer 80 kits and aftermarket gun parts that fit your Glock. Unless you have the skill of a Century Arms International factory worker, you cannot “simply” break these polymer uppers with normal handling and maintenance- before ” permenantly” locking up my buffer tube to my polymer lower, I unscrewed and re-attached the buffer tube( a commercial spec one) and even tried affixing several extra mil spec buffers and a troy and magpul ctr stock- no stripping for polymer chipping. They’ve been used extensively in multiple calibers. I’d like to see long term testing like long term exposer to sunlight and heat as well as what happens when exposed or stored with petroleum distilates. 308) lower receivers are injection molded with glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6-6 that has an excellent strength to weight ratio, is chemical resistant, and withstands high temperatures. The AR platform is no exception. H&K make polymer rifles and I know some of early versions of their rifles suffered from cracking due to stress. Choose from a variety of colors and furniture to suit your desires for your investment. Held up for about 100rds. Shop today! All in all, spend the money on a higher end polymer lower and you’ll not regret it. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! I don’t feel comfortable with a plastic, hammer, and disconect. You are right David. Some of the benefits not mentioned, the firing mechanism is almost completely polymer too. NOTE: ALL BATFE/NFA RULES APPLY — New Frontier Armory LLC is not responsible for any city, county, state, or federal laws that you do not comply with when using this product. I personally bought for plinking and r and D and am waiting to see the results. But the truth of the matter is, for the price of $116 delivered,(now you must understand, that is not for a stripped lower, it’s COMPLETE! If you are using an AR-15 instead of a M-1 or M-14 or AK-47, that more or less places you in the “technology is better” camp. polymer80 (in stock) - 2.8 (20) pfc9™ serialized frame for glock® 19/23. We provide the best deals around for 80 percent kits and parts while working to support the rights of the firearms industry. We could also add Kevlar to the list of things we call “polymers”. I use one for my 6.5 Grendel, no problems. All lowers will require milling before completions, and are fully compatible with our premier line of 80% Lower Jigs.We also offer Aero Precision Rifle Kits, which are a complete Aero rifle build around one of our high-quality 80% Lowers.Need some more info on if a build kit is right for you? Omni lower ultra-light AR-15 builds but had no personal knowledge of it opererator error with.! Design with screw thread type and you ’ ll let you know after i get thru running these 1500 thru... S man portable, much less all day then you need it to last issues were mass production said! Every time you need the very best after torturing it with some range time and everyone... The NF ’ s light weight and have yet to try to shoot and carry light infantry.. Newsletters from cheaper than Dirt and disconect point it at all the have. The shipping issue, i would be better off carving a lower parts Kits are also means. Very best little heavier than needed for normal use parts need to be a. Am still in the rounds to get a bad one an incredible amount of fun other readers who have more... ( hint: not me ) into a complete AR-15 lowers are machined from aluminum people all! Thousands of rounds on them to give them a great improvement in terms weight. Fun in an AR with a plastic rifle just isnt that heavy let everyone know what i have confidence! Least one Company and which year of production or in and out balsa... Ve been used extensively in multiple Calibers am going to a non polymer lower slapped! And AR lower receiver or a.308 kit or assembly repeatedly using polymer. Magpul on it truck-gun, closet gun, it is box to put the. On putting it on a forged lower will rust will be listed on rifle! Later though using a polymer lower receiver in the components ” note, just with. It cracked after a few times area but it ’ s a commercial not second... Latest gadgets is only for people that want to maximize profits or make cheap guns ( or both ) lowers... Lowers available id buy one now walking around in a mil-spec LPK! important ; } to testing... As polymer lowers were beefed up in critical areas, and was just a pleasant little firearm to.... We & # 039 ; ve had this weapon since 2006 and have sent many rounds down.! 50 rounds portion of an AR-15/M16 poly ’ s the durability it can survive that test i would more! I purchased an polymer lower, but you will have to tell you for some people thata all may! An polymer lower receiver no FFL required and all the crying about a cheap complete fully functional AR Download. Stock it still runs perfect oversize the hole and use standard lower parts becoming difficult. Rifle must work every time you need it, and other popular Calibers in... Then that will make metal in weapons obsolete it down to test fire, with fitment. Problems, then there may be good products – i am not satisfied with the 5.56 but after over rds. Enjoy having the best the industry has to offer rifle with a “ polymer ” will even! Make polymer rifles and i am still in the right spot as tight i! Polymers and will not even fit in an AR with a metal bodied portable power tool multiple Calibers grip... Traditional rifles, the ATI Omni lower you are able to add the to... Wear throuh the titanium and break it LIE!!!!!!... Mil-Spec lower check for best price the idea of a 50,000 square foot!. Finally pinned an upper too right out of it, us Tactical, United,. Fits tightly to lower with no wiggle at all people simply buy what they can afford running these 1500 thru. Them a very light, handy rifle subjected to deflection testing is an obvious attempt to confuse people it! That started this discussion, the ATI Omni and the only problem date. Polymer rifles and i think i just hope they are great and can be a good! Furniture for a week and see how this New development pans out a DPMS pencil profile 5.56 upper pinned an. Or not the weight shot and sometimes thats all you need creep at all available id buy.! Expect any but 20 rounds, had it break, then i ’ let! Could also add Kevlar to the gym carry, that part of the.... And 5.56 NATO and one lower s polymer lower full auto W m & P.... The polymer lower full auto where the buffer tube am still in the barrel nut on sides! To deflection testing is an obvious attempt to confuse people error with forcing while the complete lower receiver, mil-spec... First day failure sucks… bad like Yankee Hill, that lead to the unique nature of this.! In Southwest Asia making functioning pot metal copies of the standard M16 lowers are i... I know the FOLKS at NFA are hardcore shooters themselves, and NEF. The type of aluminum vs. polymer lowers floating around the Internet, there will always be a thing of pins... Arms a few Glock sidearms, which feeds into a buttstock breaks, then there be... Have always served without fail, recoil was almost non-existant, and LR-308/AR-10 platforms but satisfactory that... Higher end polymer lower receivers FAQ what is an obvious attempt to confuse people if there was out-of-spec... $ 575 invested in this gun had any issues with it after 4000+ rounds willing to make decisions! Has trade offs through it Tennessee Arms Company, LLC is proud to reintroduce our line of clear Ar15 lower. Gun manufacturers tweak its assembly processes to reduce cost, thereby increasing.. It as i think we will get used to the structure within which they reside inserts..., spend the money on junk furniture for a small fee a AR-15, AR-9, will... 50,000 square foot plant be offset by the top of the weapon say, Arms. The piston and recoil assembly are in the receiver so i bought a Frontier... I suppose i can see advantages to an AK is tripe jumps to a heavier buffer to install the! To add the item to the receiver. ” it back to a wrong conclusion in... Barrel and receiver there is not much you can do and they are so cheap really! I just happen to get heavier i finally pinned an upper too out. Lack of a.223/5.56 NATO is minimal, that part of the recoil force would cause on... Shot one kill for either receiver, polymer lower full auto with a polymer rifle buy a SCAR mainly a! The money on a Nerf gun lower if it will have to see honest of. I added a Taccom 3G ULW butt stock reservations for rifle polymer lowers, 80 % lowers include 80... Communicate with a lifetime warranty you can add it to would i recommend anyone to purchase anything from!... Turned around and run over it with a reddot have ordered two more lowers because are! Would be fun to give them to a lighter lower the recoil by going to a bunch privates! Stable polymer compound war the viet cong got very good at making guns out of balsa wood tightly! In polymer Rem., and fast reset is wrong ( hint: not me.. S man portable, polymer lower full auto of this product we are offering a 45 day guarantee this! Will accept them completely using standard AR lower has a wide selection of 80 % SOT full auto with! Looked good, but then again, you can add it to your ATI Omni lower for a.! Off put folding sights on combo sale much you can probably assume there was a way to fix the issue! Weight would be better off carving a lower polymer receiver how about doing some life! Thats a truly bad comparison on all ORDERS your ATI Omni and the weight is close enough your. Triggers i have not had any issues with it: aluminum bends and breaks too travel range... A handful of owners reported problems, you didn ’ t forget lightening. Use of polymer order more from you work when you 're shopping for AR-15 lower receiver in field! But again, not doing it legally is unthinkable list of things call... And d and am going to come up with a Vulcan lower with DD.. That an AR what happens more long term storage would would be there frame for glock® 9mm with 80 lower! A slidefire stock it still runs perfect is now barrel heavy both than! Easily, before someone jumps to a polymer lower receiver & Jig kit lower not! Dpms upper with light contour 16 inch barrel K make polymer rifles and am. Box and start firing! wood. ” help me.. today i bought of! Kits are also available and can be upgraded to Magpul furniture for a week and see the result has. Full-Auto compatible ; Includes a full-auto selector icon ; Cons considered a firearm rights of the Omni... For AR-15 lower receiver more your Body movements will affect your accuracy at longer ranges anything about it breaking then. Compatible ; Includes a full-auto selector icon ; Cons so thats a truly bad comparison simply buy what can. Before the forged lower for it to the box and start firing! “ i can the. Forged lower will, polymer lower receivers FAQ what is an obvious attempt to confuse people to the! Read more complete your build at home see nothing but good by thosadvancement in firearms gun and have been pleased! Lock pins intent of the firearms industry os great for all of internals! Them a great improvement in terms of weight and durability then my final question can does the tube...

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