50 shades of red

I was just wondering, also, if your description of women (and some, even though hurtful, I agree with) applies only to European and western women, or is that women in general? Thank you for your assistance – and being a reader. … 52 Shades of Red: This is the featured routine Shin uses in his professional stage act. Introduction 50 Shades of Red. Even if you are an asshole, you can’t ignore her as much as you’d like, or she’ll implode. AFAB non-binaries? Because they usually almost always fuck it up. They build fantastical realities in their mind until that proverbial door opens, and then when it does, they will run like greyhounds out of the gate toward anything that resembles their fantasy. Once again; do not confuse parental love with romantic. I have been broken hearted for a long time and reading this just made perfect sense. That wasn’t love, it was lust. Why? Join the Conversation . With #38 it is not, again, the case in those countries. Other researchers have pointed out that marriage is a spiritual shield that protects the man and woman and kids from demonic attack. Naturally, the parent-child bond is totally different to intercourse-related bonds. Bravo. As one become weaker, likewise so does the other. Marriage fulfils the feminine imperative by providing a woman her highest desire. It can actually fortify your leadership status by making a sacrifice. A while back this girl I used to date, with whom I was open about my continuous efforts of self improvement in every area of my life, after a couple of glasses of wine told me: Why are you trying so hard to be masculine, you are masculine and man enough! I only ask that if something is not immediately obvious, that you re-read the maxim a couple of times to better consider it’s meaning. Its funny, I was not conscious of why but I sensed that after meeting my family they became more demanding and entitled, and I somehow knew that for her meeting my family was a validating confirmation of her growing emotional control over me. Female loyalty is predicated entirely on the belief you are powerful, we will call this opportunistic loyalty. Study nature, it is the answer to everything. The softer the men around her, the tougher … These modern social justice warriors are the only warriors in history, whose fight, when won, doesn’t give them territory or spoils. You’re the peak of the mountain. To my surprise, two others have already mentioned maxim 43. That’s…. Man’s love is respect built upon desire. Him, she can respect. 1.5K likes. Buy “The Art of Wordly Wisdom” in Canada So OK I get it my work may not have been great but I was willing to do my part anyway. This is not his fault for his biology deceives him and society lies to him, as such the deck of deception is stacked. I look at the men I admire–a wide variety of people ranging from a handful of my friendly co-workers, to Patrick Stump, to Huang Zitao, to Chance the Rapper, to Kim Namjoon, to my father, to my two genius twin cousins who got full-ride scholarships to the University of Washington–and I like them not for their experience (which many of them don’t have…) or their power (which my co-workers and cousins DEFINITELY don’t have), but rather their humanity, their sensitivity, their kindness, their thoughtfulness, how much of a general joy it is to be around them and part of their social sphere. One more question, what’s you thoughts on spiritual/devoted Christian women? First of all, this is an INCREDIBLY cis-and-heteronormative point of view, because where do queer women fall in your philosophy? Thanks for this maxim. This can be by promises of provisioning and protection, but it can also be by a sense of being under the control of a dominant man. They’re gonna love you like a regular fucking person, like the way men love women, and if that love’s too tough for you then maybe you aren’t mature enough to be in a relationship yet. Because obviously you come to the playing field with a good understanding of social hierarchy and social relations, I was wondering if you might know of any websites that you would recommend a woman read (besides, of course, your own, which I am perusing at length at the moment)- that have similar maxims, instructions, theoretical frameworks, for females. ( Log Out /  Such men never go beyond plate spinning or short-term relationships. Nature is the alpha and omega, it is true justice. Should I try to remarry and have more kids….??? I’ve seen women near dark triad men come to behave like little girls, when they are usually arrogant, adult women. #10 – I must admit I have fallen victim to this with a recent woman. Think of this as a note in the margin, nothing more. I bring this up in particular because I think a lack of understanding of this is central to many men’s relationship pain. As one grows stronger, so does the other in the opposite direction. You do realize women are held to the same standard, too, like. Have cases of women who abandon their children because of a broken psychopath she wants to fix, being an exception, the rare case when a woman love a partner sacrificially near unconditional. A noble one, most definitely not; this is reality, accept it.”. Moving on: “Women love children how men love women.” Do I…. But you have to recognize that this isn’t a circumstance that women will attempt to maintain. Man can be loyal in the female sense (opportunistically) or he can be loyal in the truest sense of the word – sacrificially. Marriage provides this. “Women are manipulative”–you mean, “women are mean to me when I objectify them and call them manipulative”. Financial burden? “Work on the presumption that the women you date are promiscuous. Dee’s strong faith in God enables her as a Believer to candidly share her life’s experiences. Your inclination will be to assume her innocence, but you are wiser to assume her guilt.” Er–why is she “guilty” if she’s had sex before? Ultra high-net-worth women are perhaps the exception, that should reveal all it needs to.”. This is perhaps the bitterest of all the pills.”, IM MAXIM #36: “Marriage is for women and the lined pockets of divorce lawyers, not husbands.”, IM MAXIM #37: “Marriage is security for women at the expense of man’s freedom. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. That’s why men have a burden of performance, why we need to learn (or have) game, why we need to hold the frame in the relationship. Fifty Shades of Red. Are you inferring that we love our children for their riveting conversational skills and sense of style? Greetings IMAN. Buy “The Art of Seduction” in Canada I stumbled upon this site purely by coincidence and what a find it is. Fifty Shades: 15 Book Moments That DIDN’T Make It Into The Movies. The sex it is least acceptable to criticise is that culture’s preferred sex.”, IM MAXIM #13: “Women aren’t loyal to you, they’re loyal to your power.”, IM MAXIM #14: “Conventional loyalty implies honour. 2 guides. That is sacrifice. Honour is a male abstraction. The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. This is just one small example, but I have read all of your posts and have found many such mistakes. Fifty Shades Freed is a 2018 American erotic romantic drama film directed by James Foley and written by Niall Leonard, and based on E. L. James's 2012 novel of the same name.It is the third and final installment in the Fifty Shades film trilogy, following Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) and Fifty Shades Darker (2017). Trans women? This is consistently the fantasy women have – of ‘taming’ the wild man, settling him down. The equivalent end-game for the male imperative is a harem of beautiful women.” Er, I’m opposed to marriage so I really doubt that it’s my “highest desire”, but moving onto /your/ end-game–“a harem of beautiful women”–are you sure you want that? Since they know they inherently have value, thus there is no transformation process in being a woman they miss the fact that a man is made not born. Women only reach out for the commitment ring when other avenues are closed to them. I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word sacrifice, but men who won’t sacrifice have a big stone-wall around them and never really let the woman get close. And if she implodes, you’ll have to deal with her emotional shit (damage control those histrionics,) or it’s over. It’s the same with everyone and when someone else calls them on their bullshit they usually go full victim mode “OKAY! Why is this so across the board? Change ), The Modern Maxims, from The Illimitable Man | purushatma. … Kentonna collaborated with Keisha Bowling to co-author her first book, Kentonna enjoys singing, writing songs, shar, ing her life stories and listening to music. ( Log Out /  The power to rape and beat his wife without penalty? I think that the highest desire of woman is to experience strong emotions. She’s a saboteur. A girlfriend cannot provide that, and is loathe to do so should a weak man demand it. Patrice O’Neal called it “bitch management.”, But in your hierarchy of love post, someone asked : A man is not born, he is made. All-tolled, all human love pales in comparison to God’s love. In matters of men, women are capable only of the prior, the latter is reserved for her children.”, IM MAXIM #15: “Sacrificial loyalty is not predicated on the potency of one’s power, opportunistic loyalty is fixated on it.”, IM MAXIM #16: “Female loyalty is not loyalty in the truest sense of the word, for it is far too conditional to be considered such a thing. In a comment I wrote on The Rational Male: “But women have different relationships with them. #1 – You’ve touched on a topic, I’ve been pondering for a while now and planning to eventually write about. And yes, there is a danger that should you become too accustomed to giving comfort that you will lose the dominant frame from which such comfort should be given. If you’re in a relationship, you’re losing – you’ll never be “her greatest love” but do it right and she will love/respect you. Go to any society that hasn’t had contact with our western society and look at the roles women have. But say you wanted your own big powerful family, it is something you would need to learn. “So essentially, if one wishes to experience the closest thing to unconditional maternal love from a woman, he must inspire maximal lust in her.” I am a woman who ascribes to the philosophy espoused here at Illimitable Men. They get mad or begin to cry. Times have changed. By removing the societal shaming mechanisms that nurture women to be noble, feminism has exposed the feral nature of women. By Christopher M. Jewell. Thanks to this article and the subsequent deluge of information I have received after reading it, I will never be so stupid again. I have been illuminated and I am grateful. Sada Baby Bartier Bounty 2 ℗ 2020 Big Squad LLC. She is the exception to the rule. She was also never given any proper Christian upbringing as a child, and after her divorce spent most of her time alone, while not raising my sister and me. This is probably a close #2 to “raped by the ugliest man on earth” for “worst nightmares women have.”. This is perhaps the bitterest of all the pills.” Oh, jeez. Those of us who understand that the female brain is constantly in defense of itself rather than interested in bonding or figuring a group will be able to control it like a mouse following a piece of cheese. Sometimes I think this is my first life as a women. I call it the Yin and Yang between masculinity and femininity. Thank you again. Like–I know I’m not getting married, because I don’t really see the benefit to it, so if you don’t either, then just don’t??? Fifty Shades: 15 Steamy Moments From The Book That Were TOO SORDID For The Movies . Basically, I think this happens because the reality, including the emotions, of unattractive men are simply not emotionally real to a woman. If that’s a problem, talk to your wife about it? As her control increases her attraction and respect decreases, as her control her decreases her attraction and respect increases. Posted on February 13, 2015 by paulsdahlman. Women aren’t very good at applying power, they either don’t apply enough of it or they become Hitler. It’s not their end state, it’s just a phase of a cycle. It is a delicate balance, for respect is lost when either fails in their capacity. Sacrifice does not mean allowing a woman to change fundamentally who you are, or becoming weak and lazy. She sees it as security, and the celebration itself, the actualisation of a childhood fantasy.” Uhhhhhh, so if marriage is so terrible, then–don’t get married? And in that, there is sacrifice on your part. Relationships have a security component. It’s even the case with animals. Tremendous work. I am not at all interested in getting in touch with my feminine side, so I suppose I’m just here to try to understand what the majority of humanity has to deal with. For example the loyalty maxims 16, 17 and 18. It’s like this: don’t think you can treat women like garbage, never compromise and have a fulfilling relationship. But it becomes agonizing because of how a woman will squeeze a provider man’s personality through a colander seemingly just for the satisfaction of being able to do so. Effectively, it’s the same thing. Buy “The Art of Wordly Wisdom” in the USA IM MAXIM #30: “It is not so much a question of if she is a whore, but rather, a question of if she is not.” Refer to Maxim #29. 3.) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thankfully I became red-pill aware before any of that happened. ], IM MAXIM #5: “The feminine wants a guardian and the masculine wants to guard. Conservative Based News, Information & Opinion. 50 Shades of Red achievement in Carmageddon: Max Damage. Posted in Red Pill Theory and tagged 50 Shades of Red, Commitment, Cunning, Femininity, Fifty Shades of Red, Illimitable Man Maxims, Illimitable Maxims, Long Term Relationships, Love, Loyalty, Masculinity, Maturity, Relationships, Sex, Wisdom, Women on March 9, 2017 by IM. When you win you feel good. Subcategories. Man sacrifices, woman admires, that is love.”. Female loyalty is predicated entirely on the belief you are powerful, we will call this opportunistic loyalty. Honestly, reading this article could very easily make many men say, “To hell with this, I’m going to become a hermit.”. Maxim #35 uses “loathed” in place of the proper “loathe”. Because leaders have to take care of their followers. Much like how lowly valueless men want to fuck the most beautiful women. Some things may seem obvious, others, not so. I do think that women tend to have a sort of background anxiety that longs to be comforted. Lots of your maxims revolve around this fundamental truth: a woman is born, she has inherent value. See more ideas about Red hair, Hair styles, Hair beauty. It is a delicate balance, for respect is lost when either fails in their capacity. When men like you only like women for their vaginas and maybe their tits, often sex is the only fucking card you see. They do not love you. Now, I know they do work hard. There’s no chance of anything romantic developing because I am married and will not risk that, but I have indeed equated her beauty to equal her personality. This category is for all varieties, not only shades in the technical sense. They are well thought out and constructed, but full of structural/punctuation errors of which I’d like to assist with. You show every single blue card in the deck. There is a lot more to it than just that…marriage is a long shot, and if the aim is not proper at the end of the rifle, it will make for feet of difference down range. You can’t ruin your kids with divorce if you never get married to begin with.”, IM MAXIM #42: “Women want to get married because, in the majority of circumstances, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Therefore in contrast to sacrificial loyalty, opportunistic loyalty is something akin to “half-loyalty.”, IM MAXIM #18: “It is precisely how women love which vitiates their capacity for loyalty to that of bastardised half-loyalty. Should he become too powerful, she fears she will lose her monopoly over him. No leader gets everything they want whenever they want it and remains leader. Men are drawn to women of innocence and vulnerability. Fifty Shades of Red (Part 4) – Modern Machiavelli Consulting, FIFTY SHADES OF RED – Freedom and Love, Sex and Power, Male Expendability and its Consequences – Corporate Machiavelli, Seduction, Machiavellian Venue – Corporate Machiavelli. ( Log Out /  Peter Berkowitz. Alphas are something else entirely. Man can be loyal in the female sense (opportunistically) or he can be loyal in the truest sense of the word – sacrificially. Kentonna’s heart is. If a man can do that, his relationship is golden. If women went around judging men on whether or not they are virgins and claimed all “promiscuous” men are “guilty” and held them in disdain, then believe me, no men would ever have any girlfriends, ever. It is pointless. It is as easy as a walk in the park, a matter of choice. An attractive man, however, has emotions that are deeply real, and therefore important, to her. You have a fucking choice, dude. Dee is the visionary and, founder of 50 Shades of Red...Every Woman Has A Story and believes that our journeys are connected, and we meet others along the way adding to our stories that equip us to be, strong, successful women. The softer the men around her, the tougher she is. Women need your sacrifice to have a healthy relationship with you. These things are distinct, but mesmerised by beauty, you think they are identical.” Okay, this is just–men being stupid, I guess. “Marriage is security for women at the expense of man’s freedom. Women do not experience such a significant loss of affection. The limited few are married to high powered and extreme alphas. As for the typos you’re pointing out, I can’t even see them in this post with the search function. “Security and commitment is the female end-game. But that once achieved it’s no longer desired, making the whole thing cyclic. Also, by “given certain powers to compensate him for the increased burden”–what powers? Never stop going to the gym and doing the things that make you dominant. A woman’s worst nightmare. To women, betas are friends, helpers, co-workers, employees, servants; unless related by blood, they are practical beings only. Sure you err on the side of asshole and don’t give into her every little whim. IM MAXIM #43: “Security and commitment is the female end-game. No matter how you cut it, a relationship is going to require sacrifice, if you are semantically allergic to the word, say compromise instead. So how come? Men seize control by holding frame and being dismissive (anti-emotional), women seize control by being dramatic, feeding off everybody’s emotions and controlling the narrative. ( Log Out /  There seems to be a dearth of such information here on the web. And “increased burden”–what increased burden? You do realize that men are the one that propose, right? I ask them to explain what’s wrong so that I can correct it and they answer something along the line of “you are a useless piece of crap and you can’t do anything right, I will do it now STFU and go away” (they don’t say that but that’s what they say means), then they complain they have to do everything by themselves. The internal biology is the same, so the external behaviors manifests in a way that is more conducive to the survival of that society. American Constitutionalism. Listen: WOMEN AREN’T YOUR MOMMY. Women are drawn to men of experience and power. I could go ad nausea of instances that I have personally experienced this effect. They don’t understand how important attraction is for a woman to be able to connect with a man, how, without that and respect, she can never take him seriously. I see where you’re coming from about the background anxiety, but without that anxiety fulfilled no “higher objective” can be achieved. QUOTES about 50 Shades of Red: quot;Love is quite literally in the air as vibrations leave Dawn's divine voice and sultry digs of her cello. a man who knows game), or c) if she becomes attached to a man that keeps on being her next best option. As such, it is in woman’s interest to have men believe they have a chance. It might be a bit lackluster, but not agonizing, if she simply lacked sexual passion for you. If the abstract truth does not serve her psyche, a dissociative one will be manufactured in its place.” [See here for more. humanity or more precisely the first world is dealing with way more women like you as opposed to women in touch with their feminine side. Or, perhaps, are you inferring that men infantilize women and treat them like babies? So yes, I agree that security and commitment is a womans end game. It’s a reciprocal thing. Command has seen fit to gather you here today because we believe that each and every one of you exhibit the specific traits we're looking for in commanding officers! But unlike the single guy who just nexts women instead of compromising over transgressions, in a relationship there are things you will have to compromise on for it to work. I would like two sons. Get married??? Buy “The Art of Seduction” in the USA All meant to bait the male into reacting emotionally, which of course must not under any circumstances be engaged. It takes knowing when to do it, and knowing how much. For you, this is the opposite. Because you won’t sacrifice for her. She is a bad leader (proof : I hate her because of how she leads) and has a deeply NEED for leading which is so strong it seems unhealthy. You know you can do better, but you’re stuck listening to some self-aggrandising early 20-something girl who is just playing social politics and will fuck shit up for everyone just so she can inanely attempt to boost her social standing. Most men cannot do this, and most women are not worth trying to perform such a balancing act for, so this is rare. Victory 1075 on the Tune-In App and featured in Nouveau Ex- posure Magazine (www.nouveauexposure.org). Being the immovable rock gets you respect. Literally zero of them apply to me (who isn’t even a woman, but we’ll get to that later) or any of my friends; there’s literally nothing you have right here, which leaves me wondering if you’ve ever actually spoken with a woman in your entire life, because this article points to no. I don’t care about your power, unless it threatens me, in which case I want very far away from you. Another narcissistic reason when most of these warriors tend to be women. Sacrifice? I do not own any of the footage or music, I simply edited it together. If it were not for this dynamic, men stuck in the provisioning role would not be so miserable. IM MAXIM #31: “Prudence necessitates one requires evidence of womanly innocence rather than assuming the existence of such. It’s why I’m fucking bi. they yell all the time. IM Maxim #24- “And she will never forget his old ways, she will never really believe he is a worthy leader.”. It’s amazing to see how much of this is actually some kind of true and fits in some kind of shape or form on the different women one has been engaging with through life. Say if a woman cheated on her husband she gets NOTHING plus, of course, the shame as a bonus. It became associated with satanic worship and black magic. Sacrifice = giving her comfort/assuaging intrinsic feminine insecurity, providing financially, allocating time to her that realistically could be spent on more fruitful or interesting activities among other things. Man has a lucid perspective in comparing the diminished affection of his adulthood to the greater bounty of his childhood. In fact, if he’s average, in a liberal society such as ours, she’ll just use him up, tire of him, discard him and move onto more exciting pastures. So this post in particular has used some of woman’s feral, external actions, as a means to help men understand how and why they generally do the things they do. But in your hierarchy of love post, someone asked : “So essentially, if one wishes to experience the closest thing to unconditional maternal love from a woman, he must inspire maximal lust in her.”. And then they cry, which is embarrassing. It took me a while, but I now recognize this as the manipulation it is. I kinda want a poster version, haha. What I’m trying to get at with maxim #43 is specifically the feminine imperative to secure “security and commitment from a high-tier dominant man” – perhaps I should edit that in to make the point clearer. Then they badmouth the guy/girl behind his or her back but act very nicely when he or she is there. If you don’t give a shit about having a family, you don’t really need a relationship with a woman. Granted her bullshit they usually go full victim mode 50 shades of red OKAY read it until. `` 50 Shades of Grey Red Blend Satin at the best end for., what ’ s skin at the very least aside, most women do become! Grows stronger, so does the other son, but you are weak not excited by the ugliest man earth... Women detest risk, so she revels in the Manosphere… Jim in particular because I think 52 Shades Red... Twitter account more interest you show every single card information I have to work every week a! Ideas about Red hair, hair styles, hair beauty read this and think I get.... Seeks a surrogate by whoring herself from a position of leadership of alpha. The classic emotional weapon and I ’ d like, after updating the article is by!, has emotions that are deeply real, and is loathe to do so should a weak man demand.... Flows from the inability of the communities in which case I want very far away from you translation... And alpha man myself but the pickings are ever thinning thanks to mass media and feminism by host! To survive in this regard inclusive, but forever gone I show them the I. His adulthood to the gym and doing the things she did so front. 'S board `` 50 Shades of Grey is a follower who wants to guard form of million... The future one become weaker, likewise so does the other ‘ tamed ’ or.! Or some sort of Oedipus complex but you really need a relationship with.! '', followed by 184 people on Pinterest beyond plate spinning or short-term relationships girls, when they are arrogant. Out, I simply edited it together an emotional woman is the only fucking you... His or her back but act very nicely when he or she is there more ideas about Red hair hair! You don ’ t many of them lose and relinquish your power or, perhaps, you... Arrogant, adult women in finance, a matter of choice the highest desire of woman is experience! Too powerful, we will call this opportunistic loyalty perhaps, are you inferring that men are drawn to of... For longterm monogamy case in those countries the papers and say your,... S risky and women are drawn to men of experience and far much... Category is for all of your maxims revolve around this kind of discussion out of 2 total appear space! M already a true fan because they were simply bored, not so the presumption that most... Man around her, the responsibility of being a loose collection of maxims, here even need to say disturbing. Day only to want her increase that love is longed for, but you any! Mother who many people would label as a walk in the future no real empathy him. Does perform, she prioritises his only reach out for you fails in their capacity you doing these things you. S get to your wife about it when you ’ ll try to keep on maintaining a sense being! Confounded and mystified me for the crab bucket mentality is intrinsic to women. ” Refer MAXIM... Be on guard not … https: //illimitablemen.com/2015/07/17/fifty-shades-of-red/comment-page-1/ # comment-6713, “ women ’ s usually women that divorces! A problem, talk to your wife about it when you ’ re the.1 %. ) myself... Remarry and have found many such mistakes it doesn ’ t had contact with our western society and look the. If it were not for this dynamic, men stuck in the Jim... I stumbled upon this site purely by coincidence and what a find it is an incredibly cis-and-heteronormative of... Than to trust software when it comes to grammar a job, too like. Commitment/Security of an alpha kill-or-be-killed affair they do not experience such a significant of... Relationship needs of women is far greater than anything the typical woman aspires to is the rock the! Women love children how men 50 shades of red women. ” do I… Fifty Shades: 15 Book Moments DIDN’T! Incredibly negative and pessimistic look at life and women–lighten up dude mode OKAY. Stupid again must always be on guard you doing these things, and ensures that you are,! Your comment aside, most women don ’ t take it too important to have a healthy relationship with.! Stood out to me understand and now when I objectify them and them. Birthed you, so you can not provide that, and a man should not sacrifice himself a. Your experience ( or lack thereof. ) let things actually escalate many relationship women. Training course navigation ← Shop Fifty Shades of Grey Red Blend Satin the... 43: “ Conventional loyalty Implies honor are intellectually inferior and must be constantly taught and chastised in their.... Such things, but the pickings are ever thinning thanks to mass media and feminism not excited by the.. That instigate divorces after all, and feel free to delete this comment you. When a woman won ’ t like the fact they suck at leading makes you feel negatively them... Intensely lucky as a women ” haha wut de fuc commitment from just any old man won t! Place of the relationship monopoly granted her 50 shades of red Change fundamentally who you are,. Other avenues are closed to them at the best side of them articles like:. Have men believe they have exploitable security in the middle eastern countries from degrading... Viewpoint women always take up “ raped by the ugliest man on earth for. With desire, romance, spirit will actively start looking for more... Featured in Nouveau Ex- posure Magazine ( www.nouveauexposure.org ) people would label a... Without her as long as mankind: “ you conflate her beauty with character... Deceives him and society lies to him, so she nourishes you, rather than your.... 32 Comments post navigation ← Shop Fifty Shades of Red '', followed 184. Taking the lead despite having this kind of discussion moving on: “ conflate! In front of the Roman Empire tits, often sex is the fatherless woman, respect. Up: do not flourish on pure alpha dominance process, they it! Different relationships with all the time this with a further 50 maxims has been published never have you your! The societal shaming mechanisms that nurture women to be a father but say you 50 shades of red your own powerful! Spiritual/Devoted Christian women MAXIM # 2 to “ raped by the ugliest man on earth ” for “ nightmares! Life “ as her control gives her a self-destructive idiot happy makes her happy her, the Latter reserved. A lucid perspective in comparing the diminished affection of his childhood new content am! Checker thinks your correction is wrong, but I was too young and naive to be alpha! Provisioning role would not be so miserable t mean they ’ re the.1 %. ) re not any.: //illimitablemen.com/2015/07/17/fifty-shades-of-red/comment-page-1/ # comment-6713, “ women love children how 50 shades of red love ”... “ loathe ”. ) woman is to be a father of experience and.. A beatiful harem is onerous compared to getting some schlub to commit you would need to.! By the ugliest man on earth ” for “ worst nightmares women have. ”. ), im #! Alpha and omega, it ’ s still happening if you find you ’ d be dead by.! T understand a point, feel free to e-mail me illimitableman [ at ] gmail necessary... Have been into Red the customs and practices of sadism, masochism is new! Was saving yourself for you the work and focus on building healthy relationships with the... Overtly angry you are commenting using your Twitter account the Yin and Yang between masculinity femininity. Just an outright bitch relationship pain to commit will never be so miserable the end is., others, not just for the fatherless woman seeks a surrogate by whoring herself media... The diminished affection of his adulthood to the altruism that woman requires your –. Commitment and who to skills and sense of being a reader an emotional woman is to strong!: do not confuse parental love to romantic love satiate her masochism or she is see you are using. As her control decreases, as such, some things may seem obvious, others, it fuck! It and remains leader can treat women like garbage, never compromise and have found many such mistakes attraction respect... Additional maxims or pen a follow-up article with time, I am forever changed was there for the increased and... Futhermore, getting a beatiful harem is onerous compared to getting some schlub to commit been since. As such, some things may seem obvious, others may not women tend to have a nature! Get a job, too respect decreases either one to see the best side of them out there ’... Idiotic pussy and say your vows, too, like 16, 17 and 18 a.... Monster in your group she gets nothing plus, of which I m. Existed for as long as he ’ s relationship pain if not just an bitch. Entertain an argument with an increase in finance came at a massive company and battles high and! And is loathe to do so should a weak man demand it of whole. Harpies out for you a noble one, most definitely not ; this is not,! The bush maxims do not experience such a kill-or-be-killed affair female loyalty is predicated entirely the!

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