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It provides a large number of useful abilities which are frequently more useful for the Magus than what a familiar could offer. If you really want a shield on a Magus, a mithral buckler costs 1165 GP and won't interfere with any Magus abilities. Energy Attunement (Su): Using energy damage instead of weapon damage is a fantastic way to bypass DR. Advanced Race Guide adds mudball, touch of combustion, and web bolt as 1st-level options, so you'll have some great utility options but your damage will likely lage behind a melee magus. ... "They were able to escape with the prisoners and the final blade when there was only 1 door and we had the prison surrounded, and a spy network setup in the city. The arcanist's arcane reservoir replaces the magus's arcane pool. Telepathy (Su): Until you reach about level 10, you are constantly communicating with a stupid, socially inept piece of metal. Kniven är speciellt utvecklad för bushcraft- och överlevnadsaktiviteter i terrängen. | OGN Articles Installation Type: Hook. Replaced Features: Spellcasting, Magus Arcana (6th, 12th, 18th), Spell Recall, Knowledge Pool, Improved Spell Combat, Improved Spell Recall, Greater Spell Combat, True Magus. LifeSource Pathfinder Multi-Functional Outdoor Survival Folding Knife w/LED Light, Fire Starter, Seatbelt Cutter, Serrated Blade & Emergency Glass Breaker Color: Black Blade Material: Stainless Steel Greater Spellshield (Su): Auto-hit with Vampiric Strike to recover the hit points which you just lost. The creature killed must have a number of Hit Dice equal to half the magus’s character level for this to occur. Force Athame (Sp): Two-Weapon fighting is not something that the Magus is good at. If broken, the black blade is unconscious and powerless until repaired. Life Drinker (Su): Finally a way to charge your arcane pool on an ongoing basis! The blade flies off at your mental command to destroy your foes. Pathfinders receive increased Division Points from planting Data Probes and discovering new locations. Almost as if the weapon speaks with another voice. The Black Blade is a mysterious weapon that is currently in the possession of Hekrion. Quarterstaff Defense (Ex): This makes the enhancement bonus on your staff just as important defensively as offensively. Of course, the carbon steel is of highest quality and treated according to our secret company recipe in our factory in Mora. Eldritch Pool (Su): Splitting your Eldritch Pool points between normal Arcane Pool usage and "Mystic Focus" usage is hard. The blade strikes at any creature within its range, as you desire, starting the round you cast the spell. If you haven't traded in Spell Recall, you can use this to cast a theoretically infinite number of spells in a day. If you want to play an Arcane Archer, I would recommend the Myrmidarch instead. Unbreakable (Ex): As long as it has at least 1 point in its arcane pool, a black blade is immune to the broken condition. Sometimes it just appears among the magus’s possessions, and its origin is a mystery. Transfer Arcana (Su): At 13th level, once per day, a magus can attempt to siphon points from his black blade’s arcane pool into his own arcane pool. Hex Magus (Su): May witch hexes are fantastic. Critical Perfection (Ex): The bonus is nice, but critical hit builds are best when two-weapong fighting, which isn't a thing that the Magus does well. Of course, the carbon steel is of highest quality and treated according to our secret company recipe in our factory in Mora. Unbreakable (Ex): Good for killing rust monsters, but very situational. Quarterstaff Master (Ex): Skipping the prerequisites on this is nice, and using the staff one-handed allows you to use Spell Combat with it. Spell Defense (Sp): The spell resistance is very small, and spellcasters of your level will have to roll at most a 5 to bypass your SR. At this level, many spellcasters will have Spell Penetration. Black Blade (Ex): The Black Blade is very powerful. Instead of the normal arcane pool amount, the bladebound magus’s arcane pool has a number of points equal to 1/3 his level (minimum 1) plus his Intelligence bonus. © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Tim Hitchcock, Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Jason Nelson, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sean K Reynolds, Owen K.C. Intelligence: This is the intelligence score of the black blade. Spellblade Arcana: Pool-Sourced Athame should be part of the normal Athame ability, and the other two arcana are worthless. The ritual takes 24 hours to complete. Life Drinker (Su): At 19th level, each time the magus kills a living creature with the black blade, he can pick one of the following effects: the black blade restores 2 points to its arcane pool; the black blade restores 1 point to its arcane pool and the magus restores 1 point to his arcane pool; the magus gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the black blade’s ego (these temporary hit points last until spent or 1 minute, whichever is shorter). [citation needed] Toothy Morris Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire: Description

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