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5 years ago. Other than that, the camp remains inaccessible. Lanius is also described as a violent and savage brute with no love for the Legion, yet he can be persuaded to leave without a fight because the effort of taking the West would break the Legion. Frank is a monstrosity, cyber-beasty, peesychotik, nut-case that gets grossed out at the sight of severed toes --hilarious stuff and incredibly intimidating. Lanius also doesn't show up until the end of the game, with you only hearing about him through dialogue beforehand. The legate then was horribly injured and was met by an offering from Caesar himself due to his bloodthirsty actions of killing Caesar's men. The best 'Legate Lanius' images and discussions of December 2020. PlayStation 3 Xbox 360. Note that with a Speech or Barter skill of 100, one can pass a series of skill checks, and avoid fighting him. ¹ Lanius' armor is marked as unplayable and cannot be looted. Legate Lanius (New Vegas) vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones) Close. The ending just seemed too "perfect." See more ideas about Fallout new vegas, Legion, Fallout. Head east into the camp, following the path up the side of the ridge. Fighting Legate Lanius. Source is Captain Pronin.. I'm at the end of the game (for the 5th time) and am trying to play as the good guy more or less, and do what's best for the Mojave. And your skull - it shall sit by my side, mute, watching as my armies march West. Lanius is summoned via script when the endgame quests are active. It is located east of Hoover Dam. It is surrounded by cliffs and mountains on all sides and is inaccessible for the majority of the game. The only way to enter the camp without using exploits is during the final leg of the main quest. I thought it was kinda ridiculous you could do that. Legate Lanius, supreme commander of the Legion (Dam) Troops Caesar's Legionaries equipped with basic , intermediate , or veteran armors, throwing spears , pistols ( 9 and 10mm pistols and .357 and .44 Magnum revolvers ), rifles ( cowboy repeaters , hunting rifles , and Marksman carbines ) and assorted melee weapons. Convincing the final boss to walk away feels like a bit of a copout, but I'm a bit underleveled to survive the final showdown with everyone shooting at me while I try to focus my attention on Lanius. This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas dialogue project.This project is designed to allow users to link to pages containing a character's dialogue for simpler and cleaner references by sorting through, cleaning up and categorizing quotes from every major character in Fallout: New Vegas..If you want to participate, please check the project page. Location [edit | edit source]. Fighting Legate Lanius. Fighting Legate Lanius. The only ending you don't fight him In Is The Legion' endings. Legate Lanius is the military commander of Caesar's Legion and Caesar's most trusted war leader. FIGHT 5: Imperial Legion VS Caesars Legion. As Red255 stated, Lanius better be packing some serious boom or shame on him. The only Lanius I know is the one that gre wup from a tribe that killed Caesar's men when they crossed his tribe. Legate Lanius Is the final boss of Fallout: New Vegas during three out of four of the endings. Discussion. Follow. Unfollow. 1 Characteristics 2 Variants 2.1 Armor 2.2 Helmet 3 Locations 4 Notes 5 Gallery The armor appears to be a full suit of heavy gauge steel and offers full body protection. Lanius takes a number of scripted actions during the battle intended to make him a more challenging fight: When Lanius's health drops below 60%, he will use his healing powder, causing him to regenerate 8 hit points every second for 27 seconds. Legate Lanius. Lanius can't deal with my azz and Frank has me running around like a scared lil beeyotch with a broken sling-shot. In addition to the anti-materiel rifle, bring along a silenced sniper rifle. In three of the four possible paths- NCR, Mr. House and Wild Card, players will have to fight their way through the Legate's men to reach his camp. According to the Vault (Fallout Wiki): "With high enough (Good) karma or speech there is an option to have (Legate Lanius) fight you alone." It was shot around Perth, Australia in 2013 and fully crowdsourced. 1. 1 Introduction 2 Joshua Graham 3 Lanius 4 Intermission 5 Fight 6 Conclusion Will: In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, it is the late twenty-third century. If you pass all of the previous speech checks and fail the last one, you get another speech challenge which can convince the Legate to fight you one on one - all the other Legion troops will become friendly to you. FIGHT 10: The Ebony Warrior VS Legate Lanius. Legate helmet Legate armor is a piece of armor worn by Legate Lanius. What options do I pick to do this? FIGHT 9: Vampire Lord VS Super Mutant Behemoth. Graham's overconfidence forever branded him with fire, I will not follow his trail of fire into the depths of the Grand Canyon. Posted by. FIGHT 7: Coyote VS Wolf (Kinda lame fight but lol) FIGHT 8: Snow Troll VS Super Mutant Brute. Dark souls PVP You're told that when Caeser came, he kept fighting even after everyone in his tribe wanted to surrender. Lanius wouldnt stand a chance against a beast like Horrigan. Jun 8, 2019 - Fallout New Vegas - Legate Lanius - Legion - The Monster of the East - "I shall make a cape of your skin. It’s the build up that I like. Lanius, the typical shrikes, are a genus of passerine birds in the shrike family Laniidae.The majority of the family's species are placed in this genus. 6. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Joshua Graham vs. Legate Lanius" - Page 2. He was offered the mask that now Legate Lanius wears right now in the game. Ceasar mentions Fallout: Lanius is a live-action Fan Film on YouTube based on the Fallout series, and Fallout: New Vegas in particular. Discussion. Until the day when our armies meet again, courier - I … When you speak to the Legate and how he talks and what he’s wearing is intimidating. Can be looted from Legate Lanius in the final battle if siding with the NCR, Yes Man, or House.Note that one will only have a limited time to use this, as the game ends soon after the fight. The dude sounded like a badass blood-driven killer. Finally, all his slaves are supposedly struck blind, seemingly to hide the fact that his face isn't deformed and that Caesar's story is bullshit. Legate Lanius: absolute Chad, ... “If the West is one day filled with ones such as you, perhaps it shall be a worthy fight, indeed” anhdaosart . FIGHT 4: Drougr Death Overlord VS Feral Ghoul Reaver. The Legates face off! Posted by 11 months ago. Legate is extremely challenging, and many Legionaries will come out and attack you. But for now, we rest. RETRIBUTION! Note: Melee damage is doubled in V.A.T.S. I think Caeser even says that if he dies, Lanius would make everyone keep fighting. Notes [edit | edit source]. Legate Lanius (despite being much more brutal than the other two) is surprisingly polite to the Courier, disapproves of Vulpes's methods of handling the West, and praises you if you have earned his respect or sided with Caesar. If Joshua Graham was at the Second Battle for Hoover Dam and fight Legate Lanius will the Burned Man be successful of will the Monster of the East finally put his life to an end? I've killed Lanius in the past, and he has some decent gear, but was wondering, as I'm also trying to create my definitive character, should I kill Legate… The final battle with Legate Lanius is more heavily scripted than almost any other encounter in the game. There, one will encounter Legate Lanius. ". War would have tested them. Archived. Mitch Lewis is an American actor who voiced Legate Lanius in Fallout: New Vegas.1 1 Credits 1.1 Fallout series 1.2 Other work 2 References It also has a cloak in excellent condition. Legate Lanius (despite being much more brutal than the other two) is surprisingly polite to the Courier, disapproves of Vulpes's methods of handling the West, and praises you if you have earned his respect or sided with Caesar. Pop the minion's heads from distance, you can fight Lanius solo without even talking to him.When fighting Lanius, if he's as mean to you as you say, do a manual snipe (take the shot yourself) and then dump your entire VATS bar into his head as well. FIGHT 6: Mammoth VS 5 Cazadores. Enter the gate to the Legate's camp. Fighting Legate Lanius one-on-one? Which of the two commanders of Caesar's Legion would win in a battle without companies of soldiers to command? Legate Lanius (New Vegas) vs The Mountain (Game of Thrones) In a fight to the death. Name: Legate Lanius Origin: Fallout Gender: Male Classification: Human swordsman/Legate Age: 30's Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, skilled swordsman, experience fighting multiple armed opponents Weaknesses: Basic human frailties Destructive Capacity: Wall level Range: Several meters with his sword Speed: Peak human Durability: Superhuman (Far tougher than a normal man) He does call the Omerta plot cowardly, but that is because it didn't involve fighting with people, just the use of a dirty bomb. With the Second Battle of Hoover Dam imminent, Legate Lanius arrived in the Mojave Wasteland to lead the troops against the New California Republic there. Mitch Lewis, Actor: Thor: God of Thunder. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Fallout: New Vegas. Trending posts and videos related to Legate Lanius! Both are wearing their standard armor and weapons. u/mrlowe98. This is my favorite fight in New Vegas. Plus yeah, lanius is just a guy (with a berserker rage ability), Horrigan is an FEV experiment, FEV gone right (what the government wanted to do with FEV originally was make super soldiers, Frank is the successful version of that) Mitch Lewis is an actor, known for Thor: God of Thunder (2011), Fallout: New Vegas (2010) and The Incredible Hulk (2008). The Legate's camp is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. The Mountain that Rides vs The Monster of the East, who wins?Gregor from the booksLorewise Lanius, no gameplay mechanics.Sword fight only. Close. Legate Lanius I'll just repost a topic I created which could have a solution to stop these things: I think even when targeting people, during the heat of a fight you might not have time to check out if the guy coming at you is friendly or hostile. The 19-minute film follows the rise of the infamous Legate Lanius from his origins as a ruthless tribal champion. Archived.

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