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Blue. It is the Cch gene which causes an otherwise brown Poodle to be cream. We are a small, inhome breeder of quality, AKC miniature, toy, tiny toy and teacup poodle puppies. In an otherwise black animal, the d allele is supposed to produce a \"Maltese\" blue (slate gray)animal, and possibly cafe-au-lait when acting on a brown. Poodle Colors: White, Black, Silver, and More. One of the prettiest and most favored colors for poodles is apricot. Light Red/Apricot  'Chesney'                            Medium Red  "Marley"                                      Regular Red  "Ruby"                  Dark/Mahoganey Red 'Adele', Black and White 'Parti' Poodle with Ticking, Silver Beige and White Parti                 Chocolate and White Parti                             Cream and White Parti                       Silver and White Parti, Chocolate/tan Phantom puppy: Gem State Standards. Select a poodle from the left column that represents the color of one of the dogs being bred , and then select a poodle from the top column that represents the color of the other dog being bred , follow the two till they meet and this will give you probable colors of the puppies produced . Some orange-colored poodle puppies change to a darkish peach color and eventually fade to a lighter peach color. They are originally born with black coat, which fades away till they turn 2 years. Despite the numerous colors and color combinations available in the dog world, every dog’s coat color is a direct result of the colors red and black. All of the blue poodles have been born black and … The blue poodle is a faded or diluted black. In blues, grays, silvers, browns, cafe-au- laits, apricots and creams the coat may show varying shades of the same color. The brindle pattern may cover the whole body or be on the colored part of the dog (not the white areas). The gray color … Blue, in my opinion, is the most overlooked color in Standard Poodles. Gray Poodle. There is a variety of shading in this color with the ideal being a dark color metal gray. With the Poodle heritage and the Golden Retriever heritage both in play here, it’s not surprising that Goldendoodles come in so many colors and patterns. What people do not seem to understand is that when dealing with colors in poodles and poodle genetics NOTHING is certain. references & resources. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The white color is another very popular one, as the true white Poodles will have pure, snow looking coat. Sable = A Black or Brown dog that will fade to a light (usually) tan or silver body, with dark tips only remaining over time. People want to know what color puppies they will get if they breed this color to that color. inheritable diseases. I would guess black or white.Any breeders out there what is your best seller. Gray – Some gray poodle puppies are born gray, and the color doesn’t change much, but some are born charcoal gray or black and fade to a medium gray over a long period of … The primary color needs to constitute at least 50% of the coat coloration, whereas the remaining portion can be any of the acceptable poodle colors such as red, black, blue, b rown, etc. The DNA test for b and e allows breeders the choice of producing dogs with brown coat color, as well as the opportunity of breeding away from the cream, white, apricot or red coat color. We focus on producing puppies in the rare colors & patterns, including particolors, brindles, sables & phantoms. It makes a perfect companion given its high intelligence and trainability. The ChromaGene™ test will determine which one of the genotypes listed below your Poodle is: That color can be black, brown, red, apricot, creme, silver, blue, grey, cafe-au-lait, or silver-beige. The poodle is a breed that is elegant, active and proud. The Poodle and Golden Retriever ancestry both bring apricot, red and cream to the mix. There are so many benefits to having a dog who is blue, it is simply amazing to me why this color is hardly ever selected for, much less sought after. For instance, a poodle puppy could start off with a blackish coat that will "clear" to a gray color and eventually a platinum silver color. Parti Poodles can come as any color or pattern in the poodle family. However, you can find them in many colors, including white, silver, red, gray, cream, brown, blue, café-au-lait, and apricot. As an AKC Breeder of Merit, all of our puppies come from health certified parents and are socialized with adults & children. Details on Buying a Puppy (Picking & Pricing). For example Poodles that start off with what is thought to be a black coat can fade to blue or gray and even a platinum Silver when they are finished with coat clearing. Blue and silver, and their brown versions cafe au lait and silver beige, are not caused by a dilute gene like in most other breeds, but instead by a greying gene that causes the color of the coat to clear over time. Grey Goldendoodles are very similar to silver Poodles in that they are often times born a dark black color and their hair clears by the age of 2 years and turns grey. The same gene controls all three of these colors, but the intensity of the inherited gene is what determines the shade of the color. ... Black, blue, gray, silver, cream and white Poodles have black noses, eye-rims and lips, black or self colored toenails and very dark eyes. Color: The coat is an even and solid color at the skin. A white Maltipoo is going to be the default color as this is a standard color between the Maltese and Poodle. They can be black, blue, silver, brown, cafe au lait, silver beige, cream, apricot, or red. As a puppy you will see the lighter color coming into the coat as the base of the hair. Apricot Poodles. There are varying shades of blue as in any color. After the 2-year mark, grey Goldendoodles typically look like a rustic silver and are no longer black colored. With the name of this dog Goldendoodles, one might think that gold is the only color they come in, but nothing could be further from the truth! However, these seem to be much less common than the silver-blues, at least among the Standard poodles.Most authorities describe a dominant allele (G) for graying; non-gray would be gg. A Parti Poodle is a dog that has a white base with large irregular patches of another color. It can be difficult to understand the genetics behind coat color in poodles . Although, the whole... White Poodle. Brindle standard poodles have two colors that form a striped pattern. More Than Amazing Color. Color & Marking Description: Color and Markings for your breed. Apricot Maltipoo. Parti is a term that means 'Particularly' colored. It's really a faded black color or like a … Cream Maltipoo. We can and have proven th A poodle will only be considered a parti poodle if and only if the base or the primary color is white. I have an all black and I am getting my blk/wht I would love an all white. Parti = Parti is when any of the above colors also have white markings. The most common color for Miniature Poodles is black. Please refer to the breed standard for additional details. Poodle… Even if not … A parti poodle is a poodle of white and another color. Poodle colors explained. Black Maltipoo. Cream - These Poodles will have black points; you'll know that a Poodle is cream and not Silver Beige or Cafe au Lait if his nose is black. DreamTime Parti Poodles. I am not going to into the genetics part of colors there are resources for that out there if you are into the true genetic terms and processes. The Maltese blues aresaid to be born blue. Poodle Color Inheritance There are a lot of opportunities in color mixing, but it requires a solid knowledge about the mechanisms of heredity. This poodle color takes the longest time to clear. The coat of a parti-colored dog is not an even solid color at the skin but is of two or more colors. Although the Red color has existed in the Miniature and Toy Poodle for quite some time, the Red color is very new to the Standard Poodle. Call us today & let us help you bring home your Standard Poodle puppy! Most people have been familiar with Black, White, Brown & Grey Standard Poodles, but here at Oak Hill Farm, we will tempt your Poodle Color palette with many exciting colorful Standard Poodle combinations. Maltipoo Colors with Pictures! White Maltipoo. Puppies at a young age will have brown highlights showing they are a blue not black puppy. We have acreage so having 3 will be great.Maybe ot to my Hubby butto me.LOL You can avoid color related risks by breeding only the same color poodles, but in the long run bigger gene pools will help reduce the problems of e.g. This color is, in fact, a dilution of the black coat. Poodles come in a variety of solid base colors. Smith Standard Poodles has Parti Poodles for sale in rare tuxedo colors as well as black & red colors. Red was introduced into the Standard Poodle by a breeder in Oregon, Palmares Kennels, and Shangri- La in New York. There are several distinct patterns: the tuxedo, spotted, and abstract all refer to a poodle that is white and another color. The next of our Poodle colors, blue is an intriguing coat color that gives Poodles a dignified appearance. Code: Enter the 3-digit color and/or marking code for your dog on your Registration form. Gray – Cream. Blue. I have tried to make these pages as detailed and comprehensive as possible, while still making it plain and clear for the everyday owner. This visual chart simplifies the often daunting task. Parti Poodles could very well be the most popular multicolored poodle available. Light eye colors and even blue eyes can occur in Poodles because of genetic mutation or possible signs of illness. Parti's generally have more than 30% white on them. The most common eye color in Poodles is brown to dark brown, but not all Poodles have brown eyes. I get a LOT of calls and email's asking about color breeding. Confusion between the effects of thisgene and that of the graying and silvering genes (see below) is common. (White, Black, Apricot, Red, etc.) Poodles have a wide variety of colouration for you to choose from and the phantom poodle is another eye catching variant of the many poodle colors. Blue poodles are not a sky, royal or dark blue color! Gray - While a Poodle can be born gray and stay gray, it is also not uncommon for a black Poodle to turn gray at the age of 4-5 years old. What color is the most popular for Standards? Red Poodle Silver Poodle. Type: The Standard and Alternate colors are classified for show purposes. The UKC Standard Poodle breed standard addresses color in the following way: Acceptable colors for the Standard Poodle are apricot, black, blue, cream, gray, silver, white, red, silver beige and all shades of brown, including café-au-lait. They come in a variety of colors including silver, blue, grey, black, and brown. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. AllPoodleInfo.com: Color … These combinations have been the Hallmark of the Standard Poodle from its inception. Of course, genetics and chance also play a large role in the color of your dog’s coat, which is one of the reasons that a red toy Poodle coat is considered quite unique. While we understand color is part of what makes Parti Poodles so popular, we want you to know that we place high emphasis on temperament and type or build, in our partis and well as solids, so your puppy will grow into a eye catching and distinguished adult that is as sweet and intelligent as any poodle should be. It is possible to have a tuxedo or spotted parti poodle … When blue Poodles are born, their coat appears to be completely black, so much so that they are usually registered under that color. Red Maltipoo. Some imperfections in the genes may lead to a slightly dirty color late in life. Poodle structure and official AKC standards, Please not , this chart is based on homozygous ( non-carrier), reference is made to the basic colors.

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